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Ron Mecarini - Wine Grape Grower

Lodi, CA

Ron Mecarini knows just how invaluable Ag Water Solutions is to a producer. A wine grape grower in Lodi, CA, Mecarini manages a 400 acre operation spread across San Joaquin County. Each ranch has its own water supply and all suffer from varying alkaline levels. Mecarini brought AWS in at the business's infancy and allowed the staff to put into action their new system for water management. “Dale was doing something completely different,” says Mecarini. “He came in, tested the water and then made mixtures that were specific to each of my wells. It was an unheard of way to do business and it's been great.”

Prior to working with AWS, Mecarini was having issues with products crystallizing and clogging his emitters. “The Aqua Tec 3000 ™ product offered by AWS cleared the lines and has kept them free for years. Working with Dale has been the smartest decision I made when it comes to the upkeep of my water system. He and his crew tackled my problems head on, fixed them and now make sure that the whole thing keeps running without a hitch.”

Ron Baker - High-density Olive Trees

Gridley, CA

Baker has 400 acres of young trees being cared for through a drip irrigation system.  During his second year of production, he encountered major problems with clogged emitters, while using a copper based material. “We began losing trees because they weren't getting sufficient water,” says Baker. “I had to find a solution fast, to stop the loss of time and money.  Ag Water Solutions came in and turned things around immediately.”  The AWS team evaluated Baker's water sources and determined his areas of concern.  The staff at WC Chemical then formulated a version of Aqua Tec 3500™ that met his needs, helping to ensure the lines were free and clear.  “It's now been over two years and we haven't seen any of the emitter issues again,” notes Baker. “AWS saves us a lot of money in chemicals, trees and labor.”

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