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Started in 2004, Ag Water Solutions (AWS) has specifically focused on providing the products that will help keep farmers' watering systems flowing at peak efficiency. What sets AWS apart from others in this field is the company's commitment to meeting each customer's unique needs. This begins with AWS staff conducting an extensive series of tests on each of the grower's water source. The analysis becomes the basis for formulating a customized water treatment program, which includes custom blended materials, installation of equipment, periodic service reports, and field tests to ensure productivity.

Working in conjunction with WC Chemical Engineering, AWS creates specific water treatment solutions that meet the specific grower's water issues. One of the fundamental shifts in the AWS regiment is the transition away from chlorine and copper-based products.   Current research shows that live algae cannot grow in black drip lines absent sunlight. As a result, algae is not a viable issue in water lines and in correlation, these are not the best chemicals to address the actual problems.  While AWS uses proprietary combinations of known chemicals, pesticides are not part of the formulas. As a result, it is important to note that customers will not need to file use reports to local regulatory agencies.

Strong Partners

An essential component in this successful system is the partnership between AWS and WC Chemical Engineering.  Owned by John Cafaro, for over thirty years, WC Chemical Engineering is a specialty chemical business that primarily works with the agricultural industry.  Specifically, Cafaro works with food processors and has developed lines of water treatment material for boilers, cooling towers and processing units.
Today Cafaro's greatest role with Ag Water Solutions is conducting the water analysis on samples gathered from each water source on an operation.  Based on the results, he then formulates a material that meets those unique needs.  “The process is relatively simple and straightforward. Once we identified the compounds needed to tackle individual problems, it's merely been a matter of testing the water and creating custom solutions,” says Cafaro.

We have solved almost every water problem out there, and yet to meet one we can't beat.


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